The University Of Sheffield
Krebs Festival


Winter Garden Exhibition

15 October–3 November
90 Surrey Street

With funding from the Arts Council, Dr Nate Adams and Luke Jerram, lead artist for KrebsFest, have collaborated to translate cellular flux and biochemical techniques into new artistic pieces to engage the public. Luke Jerram has designed a 28-metre inflatable E. coli bacteria making the nano world larger than life, which will be dramatically suspended from the ceiling of the Winter Garden, Sheffield and then at the University of Sheffield’s Firth Hall. For KrebsFest, Luke Jerram and Dr Adams have taken curatorial and mentorship roles, supporting the development of the two local artist commissions – Balbir Singh Dance Company and Seiko Kinoshita.


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Winter Garden, 90 Surrey Street, Sheffield S1 2LH

E. coli installation at the Winter Garden

E. coli installation at the Winter Garden

Inflatable E. Coli

Making visible the microscopic world around us, this artwork was made to contemplate and consider the importance of bacteria in our lives.

Although some forms of E. coli bacteria can cause illness and even death in humans, the use of the bacteria is vital in medical research. Described as the workhorse of biomedicine, E. coli are used by scientists to replicate DNA. One of the first useful applications of recombinant DNA technology was the manipulation of E. coli to produce human insulin.

3D shape of the green fluorescent protein (GFP) from jellyfish by Japanese artist Seiko Kinoshita

The barrel-like structure of green fluorescent protein in jellyfish allows for its unique colourful properties

Origami Installation

Seiko Kinoshita is a Japanese artist, based in Sheffield, who uses traditional textile techniques to create contemporary artwork and installations. Seiko, working with Dr Nate Adams, has created a visual art installation using the form and patterns of origami to depict the 3D shape of the green fluorescent protein (GFP) from jellyfish. GFP is integral to the cutting edge imaging techniques being developed in Sheffield.


Monday 2 and Tuesday 3 November, 10am–4pm


What makes jellyfish glow in the depths of the ocean? What makes egg-whites scary to germs?
Visit the Atom-Labs stand and find out!


Inspired by the giant E. coli, young children can make their own bug using craft materials with expert input from scientists.